Saturday, May 30, 2009

Degas Storyboard

My final storyboarding assignment was a very good one: pick an Impressionist artist and produce exactly 24 color storyboard panels on him, in his trademark medium. It had to resemble the artist's work which was interesting and challenging - and a lot of fun really. Either something about his life, an aspect of his personality or simply an interpretation of him and his art. A thorough research was needed. The boards didn't have to be a lengthy story with a beginning and an end, just something brief and to the point (24 panels aren't much). I picked my personal favorite - the extremely versatile French Impressionist and perfectionist, Edgar Degas, "the painter of dancers"...

After having sufficiently read on the temperamental artist, I chose to illustrate a confrontational scene involving him and a few curious young ballerinas. Decided to work with color pencils on colored textured paper for speed and convenience (semester was drawing to an end). Had to mount my panels (each 3"x4" in dimension) a certain way for class presentation, so I realized chalk pastels were a 'no'. Took approx. 4 days to do all 24 illustrations...

Copied 2 of the artist's well known pieces (see below) and included them in my boards.. Couldn't help myself :)

I also decided to make my illustrations much more detailed and not work with a lot of white - the opposite of what Monsieur Degas would do. I'm pleased with how my storyboard turned out. Currently, I'm working on taking the 24 panels a step further by turning them in to an animatic, complete with sound...

Copyright 2009 Kaukab Basheer


  1. God, I could look at this Degas storyboard all day long. You should frame these & hang 'em on the wall or something!

  2. What an interesting project 8) I like how your boards came out, they're very appealing.

  3. Thank you, Amanda.
    Love your work. Very fluid drawings :)

  4. hahah I remember this assignment and cringe at my terrible Monet story and attempts at pseudo-impressionism.
    I love your use of colour in these! colour pencils on coloured paper look so awesome, I'm just sad I didn't discover that sooner.

  5. Thanks, Shelley!!
    Yeah, these boards weren't easy.. Glad it paid off!