Sunday, May 10, 2009

Triangadhipa, My Monster

I designed this creature for a fun class assignment: create a monster by combining 3 different species. I decided to craft one out of a Bengal tiger, a water buffalo, and an Asian elephant, wanting him to hail from my native country, India. Once designed, I learnt the monster's name. Tri-anga-dhipa, Sanskrit for '3 bodied protector'...

Well, he'd been created as a boon for an extremely devout, holy sage. The sage had prayed hard for a unique creature with the attributes of three profound animals, to protect mankind from the countless demons that tormented it at the time. Triangadhipa was given to the sage by Lord Vishnu himself. In the hermitage, the creature grew up to be a kind, righteous, and well-mannered individual. But when the sage, Triangadhipa's father and 'guru' who'd taught him everything and had treated him like a son, was brutally killed by the very people the monster had been created to protect, Triangadhipa turned savage. In his rage and thirst for vengeance, he joined the dark forces. And has been wrecking havoc on mankind ever since. (Wonder if he'll ever find his true calling...)
Design and Story Copyright 2009 Kaukab Basheer


  1. I'm speechless, that's how great these pictures are.

  2. aaaahhh it's you! :D yay now we can be blog friends.

    I LOVE this monster and his story. will we be seeing more of him? also I completely didn't realise that that thesis package drawing was yours! that is awesome and I hope that they'll let us design more things in future (listen to me talk as if I'm still a student, bah)!

    have a great summer and I'll talk to you soon. :)