Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Production Stills

My film is about a wishful crow who learns the hard way to be happy with his plain feathers rather than look ridiculous with someone else's pretty feathers. A folktale native to South Asia, but I changed the story in certain places: got rid of the dialogue, added a confrontation scene, changed the ending, and threw in a pretty mate for my protagonist. Haven't uploaded any pre-production work 'coz I really didn't have the time to do any.. Cheating? Yeah, I guess!

I'd unwittingly given myself a lot to do. Well into production, I realized the quality of my film was practically feature film-ish, and to maintain it, I was going to have to 'break my back' till the very end. Sure, I'd worked on cartoons for television but I'd never made A FILM BY MYSELF! I was new to aspects such as storyboarding, direction, background coloring, certain techniques of animation, post production - not to mention, sound recording, and directing a musician! Thank God for the friends at SVA! Best of all, during production, my husband gifted me a Wacom Tablet! My progress was faster and the coloring, a breeze. Thanks, Junaid, my love! You saved my hand from Hell!

So, I completed and turned my film in on time. I'm pleased with how I tackled production in addition to assignments from other classes this crazy first year of school. My film definitely benefited from my work experience. I'm glad the madness is over - for now..


  1. wowh..nice picture order..
    when are u going to publish it???
    can't wait to watch...

  2. Your work is amazing! You have awesome talent!

  3. Your film is very charming, Kaukab! I hope you put it up online soon. You gotta SPREAD THE LOVE!

    I believe I've said this to you before, but I think the design of the snobby peacock always reminded me of Jafar. He's got that "sophisticated yet slimy " attitude about him.

  4. Thank you, guys :)
    Mike, I wasn't really going for a Jafar-like antagonist, so I'll gladly take the compliment!