Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SVA Faculty, Illustrated

Meet the instructors and gifted animation / art professionals who taught me during my first year at SVA - fall '08 / spring '09. Think I'll do this with every new instructor. Did these from memory, 'checking' the likeness during classes. Scanned and colored in Photoshop CS3.

Howard Beckerman
History of Animation (Aggravation, according to Howard)

and Storyboarding

Don Poynter Perspective Drawing

Eric Eiser Digital Compositing

Everett Aison Storytelling
Ruth Josimovich Literature and Writing
Celia Bullwinkel Animation Workshop

Robert Dress Character Designing

During spring break, I had the pleasure and honor of meeting the awesome Dan Haskett at SVA! Dan's Disney character designs were a huge influence on me growing up. As an 8 year old, I'd study Dan's appealing characters frequently, spending hours every day trying to draw them. As a teen, his work and designs continued to influence me. Meeting him was a dream come true, alright. Did these sketches of Dan as he spoke to the class on character designing...

Later, he even drew in my book.. *sigh*


  1. I ain't gonna lie... the pictures of Howard & Eric made me fall out of my chair. You gotta teach my how to caricature like that. They're spot on!

    I still regret not signing up for the Dan Haskett thing. Oh well, maybe next year.

  2. your blog is so wonderful. You are such an amazing artist!!!!!!! Your caricatures are amazing. I'm still struggling with my ability to do it. Wow this is soooo cool!

  3. Wow great work Kaukab! You really nailed Howard. I'm so glad you started this blog. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work. Keep in touch.

  4. Thanks everyone!
    I usually don't illustrate people I know, but when I do, I have so much fun!
    BTW Robert, Howard thought I captured him really well :)

  5. this post is THE BEST!! I remember some of these when you showed me them, the colours add so much to them. the Eiser picture especially cracks me up, it's so HIM. I wish I could capture the essence of people as easily as you. ah well MORE PRACTICE. I want to draw as well as you when I grow up. :D

  6. draw gaffney after you take his class!!