Sunday, May 31, 2009

Turning My Crow to Stone!

Two weeks into the completion of my school year, I got working on turning my film's protagonist, the crow, into a maquette. I'd never sculpted anything before, so I wanted to give myself something new to learn - a break from the pencil and paper. I thought I'd suck at my first attempt at clay but I was wrong - I can sculpt pretty good for a beginner.. Aaawright!

Wrapping my mind around the 3D-crafting-with-your-hands-thing was initially tough. As a character designer, I'd made several accurate turnarounds at work (always off the top of my head and at short notice), so I wasn't about to let this attempt at sculpting a character stump me. Took less than 2 days to craft, bake and paint this guy. Worked with beginner's Sculpey, acrylics and semi-glossy varnish. Here's my precious, 3" tall, 'feathered' baby, showing off with a classic turnaround... Ok, so I'm shamelessly beaming at my creation, and sounding over-the-top-mushy.. Hehe, deal with it..


  1. Thank you for the comment on my blog!
    Your work is fantastic, I love those storyboards you did in your previous post..great mood and expressions. This sculpture is really nice too!

  2. Thanks, Christina!
    Watched your demo reel. Good stuff!
    Your designs have a quirky, dark and cool quality to them. Very nice. Feel Tim Burton would really like them!

  3. So THAT's why you wanted to buy some Sculpey! This is an awesome maquette, Kaukab! It came out really nice!

    I wanted to make little sculptures of my characters too, but I'm not as good of a sculptor as you here. I guess I should take some more time out to practice.

  4. Thanks, Michael :)
    Your (bird and circus dog) characters will look great as maquettes!

  5. BAAAAAJJJJJ!!! Looks AMAZINGGG....i love the "stone", n u always said u werent 2 gud with sculpture...r u kidding me??....The sketches from the museum / zoo look absolutely amazing too!!!! As all ur work............keep it up DAWG!!

  6. Mizb!!!
    The figurine turned out good, but not sure if I could do it again! lol Touched that you like my work so much.. I never like what I do..
    Wish you were here! Us, two artists, two sisters, would have fun sketching and sight-seeing all over Manhattan.. Shniff.. Miss ya', 'Neshp'..