Monday, June 29, 2009

"Art of Krishna"

Rummaging through some old work stuff, I came across a few links documenting Green Gold Animation's achievements.. Couldn't find the two short interviews I'd given Aaj Tak (a popular news network back home) regarding my work on the successful 'Krishna' series.. To be honest, I'd much rather have my work do the 'talking'..
Green Gold's Chhota Bheem in the News (My name's in there somewhere)

Ok, here's something I'm really pleased with.. Back at GGA (and with my boss's permission), I'd put together four books while working on the four 'Krishna' movies for Cartoon Network.. Each book, I devoted to each of the four feature films, displaying my work - and only my work.. A portfolio in the form of four neatly categorized books.. Each showcasing hundreds of preproduction and production drawings, in addition to office gags, and important 'Krishna' news articles..

Rough sketches.. Animation frames.. Size comparison charts.. Construction notes for animators.. Almost a hundred designs of the primary, secondary and extra characters I created for the four films.. Rough layouts.. Color studies done in color pencils.. Complete character model sheets.. Scene planning.. Poses.. Character expressions.. Gestures.. Styles for special effects.. Everything and anything to do with 'Krishna', I documented judiciously, despite the crazy work schedule..

Needless to say, the books were received well by many.. Whenever I feel nostalgic about my time on "Krishna", I flip through one of these.. Each book's a testament to the extremely grueling but remarkable, career-altering journey 'Krishna' proved to be for all of us at GGA...

I kinda got in trouble for drawing Krishna this way, and distributing him among the exhausted animators at the studio..

For more than a year, about 80 of us had been working round the clock to meet Cartoon Network's (absurd) deadlines.. From planning to compositing, a 75 minutes feature of good quality for the number one kids channel had to be wrapped up in 3-4 months.. NO small feat.. After one was completed, we'd move on to the next film, sans any break.. This way, we finished all four parts of Krishna in about a year's time..!! The reason my sleep cycle's so messed up, huh..??


  1. Wow these drawings are amazing!
    Good luck :)

  2. extremely awesome........make me ur fan!!!!!!

  3. Mesmerizing sketches and superb strong poses.My deep respects Ma'm.