Thursday, June 11, 2009

B'Day Wishes For a Special Friend..

Pearl was truly one of my dearest and most beloved friends. A stunning, lilac-point Siamese with a magnetic personality, she was extremely affectionate, 'talkative', intelligent, pleasant, and fun to be with..

Pearl was approx. 3 months old when we'd purchased her off a breeder in 1998 in Toronto. I named her after her gorgeous coat. With her smiling blue eyes, inquisitive nature, and constantly ringing vocals, Pearl kept us grounded and entertained. She witnessed every gathering, occasion, trip, and celebration (cake eating with the family was a must). And she was there whenever we needed unconditional love and comforting, her watchful eyes on us, always - Pearl was our angel :) Despite having gotten her spayed at an early age, Pearl was extremely maternal, not at all moody, and very good with kids.. Oh, I even trained her to do tricks like, 'jump', 'sit down', and 'shake'!

Just short of her 6th birthday, Pearl passed away on April 18th, 2004, in India. She died in my arms, at home, around 3:45 a.m. Pearl had been a healthy cat and a survivor of dangerous mishaps, so it was specially depressing when she suddenly fell ill and died within two weeks of an incorrectly diagnosed illness by a handful of incompetent, infuriating veterinarians. I fought to save her, but the vets had already given up (even though I feel Pearl herself hadn't)...

We'd had plenty of pets before her, but Pearl was truly different. We'd tragically lost someone special. We buried Pearl near my grandmother's grave, who'd been an animal lover herself...

I still haven't gotten over Pearl's untimely passing.. Her death shook me badly.. I'd never witnessed anything die before.. And poor Pearl dying made it all the more traumatic.. I haven't owned a pet since, even though I love animals.. Don't think I should.. I'm weak, and take too long to heal and 'move on'.

Pearl would've been 11 today.. Happy Birthday, Pearlu Ma.. We love you and will always miss you...

Drawings copyright 2007 by Kaukab Basheer


  1. What a gorgeous cat she was! Rest in peace, Pearl. I'm so sorry for your loss...these are such lovely pieces though, I like the mix of realistic and cartoony works :)

  2. Such a beautiful cat! I'm sorry you had to go through all that. But at least you were there for her.

    It's always so sad when you lose a beloved pet like Pearl was. I love my cats dearly, & it'll be very hard for me to lose them when their time does come. It feels as if they're my siblings or even my children. I really do care for them, sometimes even more than those in my immediate family.

    At least you had pleasant memories of Pearl & that's what really matters.

  3. Thanks, Christina.. I'm working on developing Pearl's designs so I could animate her..

    And Mike, thank you as well.. I know what you mean.. They do become more than just pets :) Have you drawn any of your cats?

  4. i think that u and that cat were very close.for u it is not just a pet it is more like a best freind of yours.

  5. I still miss her so much!...Great artwork managed to capture Pearlu's personality in ur work :)

  6. Omar, you're right :) Pearl was special..
    And Sabz, thanks ya'! Pearl must've been the sweetest and nicest of all cats! lol Don't think we'll ever stop missing her..