Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Zoo Session 1

I visited the Central Park Zoo with an animator friend early noon yesterday. I'd been looking forward to this particular drawing session, since I hadn't been to any of the zoos here before. The park and the sights at this small wildlife sanctuary were beautiful. Really crowded, but yes, beautiful and sunny-breezy :)

The Snow Monkeys (above) were really cute. However, the Tropic Zone was my favorite. Some gorgeous birds, delightful sounds, and colorful foliage on display there...

To my disappointment, both the Snow Leopard, a new addition to the zoo, and the Polar Bear were napping and not interested in receiving visitors (exhausted from the sudden surge in temperature, I suppose), so I didn't get to draw them.. The penguins, too, were unreachable, surrounded by countless families, so I couldn't sketch them either.. Maybe next time..

Nevertheless, I had fun.. These were done in pen and with no more than four color pencils...

Copyright 2009 by Kaukab Basheer

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  1. I love the sketches!! Central Park zoo is a lot of fun, I drew there during drawing class first year. I love the Bronx zoo but I've never drawn there sadly. we should go! :D