Monday, July 13, 2009

Six Froggies

One of those sudden just-for-myself projects.. Was up 2 nights ago, feverishly scribbling away.. Before I knew it, I'd come up with these 6 guys.. Now, I'm brainstorming a story - something that could work for either a 3D or 2D film or a cartoon television series.. Something I'd work on in the future - perhaps, when I have my own studio, hehe.. I don't know :) Haven't decided on a title or even the names of the characters.. Based the designs on personalities, and the role they'd be playing.. Here they are..

The Main One

The Sweet One
The L'il One
(Based her on my 5 year old niece)

The Wise, Old One

The Crazy One
(He's like a silly dog, not much of a frog) The Mean One Character Line UpCopyright 2009 Kaukab Basheer


  1. Pretty neat. Looking forward to the animated movie :-)

  2. They are all cool. I never thought of giving frogs eye brows.

  3. Love all of them especially the wise old one ;-). Super cool.

  4. Thanks, everyone!
    I like the wise old one too :) Was fun to draw..