Monday, August 17, 2009

Feels Like Forever :)

Wow, I've been gone for almost a month?! Sorry.. Been kinda busy with things and plain 'ol slacking..!! Well, I just celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary yesterday, Aug 16th :) The entire weekend was a sweet celebration.. Feels longer than 2 years.. Like I've been with Junaid all my life.. Like, forever :)

Here's one of our wedding invitations.. I'd wanted to animate our cartoons initially but ended up doing an illustration of Junaid and myself instead.. I simply didn't have the time to jazz up our casual inivite.. Insane production deadlines at work, my fast approaching resignation 'coz I was moving away after tying the knot, the pre-wedding-madness, my pre-bridal-marathons, the torrent of emotions.. Oh, did I mention, my freakin' wisdom tooth..?!! The blasted thing couldn't have picked a better time to become permanently, excruciatingly painful! Aaah, memories.. So, back then, this little card had to do.. And it did just fine :)

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