Friday, August 21, 2009

A Month of Sophie

Here's the reason I haven't been been blogging or drawing much these days.. Sophie, the newest (and cutest) member of our family, has been keeping me well occupied.. See for yourself :)

A month ago, we rescued this 6 week old, cool patterned (black n white, bi-colored), Domestic Shorthair off the street.. We'd just finished dinner, when I heard faint cries coming from below our kitchen window (we live on the 2nd floor).. I went outside and found a kitten, scared, shivering, and hungry, only a few feet from the busy road, sitting in a crummy alley at the corner of our building, crying her pretty little head off...

Don't know if she'd simply wandered off and as a result gotten separated from her mother.. Or she was abandoned altogether.. Wasn't even sure at the time how old she was - she was so tiny.. One thing I did know - this kitten was a fighter :)

We weren't prepared for a pet, mentally nor financially.. But we were so taken by Sophie's endearing personality and cuteness, we decided to keep her.. Junaid named her Sophie.. Initially I was afraid for Sophie's health (respiratory problems and other diseases), but the vet reassured us she was absolutely fine.. We even decided on a birthday for her.. June 2nd :)

Sophie got accustomed to us and our home in no time.. She even takes the train commute well (her vet's located 2 station stops away and I don't drive).. It's been only a month since we took her in but Sophie's already bossing us around in style :) Very active, naughty, feisty, stubborn, free-spirited, super-cuddly, and very, very affectionate - Sophie's a great package.. Glad I found her when I did..

However, she does tend to get aggressive (biting), usually when she's in the playing mode.. Probably a result of having lost the company of her mother and siblings at such a young age.. Sophie likes to wrestle with us despite the toys we've given her and our firm 'no's.. Yeah, she enjoys tearing our hands and feet to pieces, and ambushing us for the heck of it, specially when we stir in our sleep.. So, I've been busy disciplining the li'l devil.. Getting her to understand what's ok and what's not.. I think she'll out grow the biting but I still want to do everything on my part to make sure it doesn't become a serious problem.. Hard work but we'll get there..

She loves watching tv with me.. Ok, so she doesn't really 'watch' tv - it's the flickering images on the screen that look good to her.. Cartoons and a few shows on Animal Planet seem to be her thing.. Good 'ol 'Tom and Jerry' tops the list (not surprising).. How adorable is that..!!

She also loves to watch me work.. As you can see below, Sophie was 'actively involved' through out the making of her cartoon character.. Supervising my every move.. Hope she likes how it turned out.


  1. The character is almost as cute as Sophie herself. It turned out super cute actually. I had to wait for this really long. This was originally intended to be my anniversary gift :-). (That was the only way I could get you to draw/animate Sophie ;-)).

  2. Yeah, yeah.. U can never just let me be lazy, can u? lol Glad u like the cartoon so much :)

  3. Sophie is adorably cute. She reminds me of the little Chuck Jones kitten: cute as a button but as mischievous as a toddler. I'm glad you two adopted such a cute bundle of fuzz into your life. A cartoon-loving bundle of fuzz to boot!

    & don't even get me started on the sketches!...

  4. Aaaw, that's sweet Mike.. Thanks so much.. She could become the first animator-kitty, ever.. Inspired by 'Tom n Jerry'..!!

  5. What a cute kitten! I love that she watches cartoons!