Tuesday, August 25, 2009

'Feathers on ANIMACAM.TV Festival 2009

I was recently approached by a Spain-based animation website to participate in their ongoing ANIMACAM.TV International Online Animation Festival 2009!! They came across my student film, loved it, and wanted to feature it on their panel of films this year.. I had no idea 'Feathers would make its way to a nomination over seas - pleasant surprise!

Love Your Feathers, will be representing my native country, India, as well as the art college I'm currently attending, School of Visual Arts (SVA) in this festival.. It's listed in the Watch Videos, under Official Section, and is categorized in the SHORT FILM category. Below are the directions on where and how to view and vote for my film:

- This is where you need to be: http://www.animacam.tv

- Click on Watch Videos from the list displayed on left of page. You'll be directed to Official Section/Last Videos page. Scroll down and click on my film's thumbnail to view.

- To vote, click on Official Section tab on top of page. You'll be taken to the Official Section/Presentation page. Click on Vote on left of page.

- You'll be directed to Official Section/Vote page. Register as a Visitor to vote. Voting starts September 1st. Deadline for voting is October 19th.

- Go back to my film page to cast your vote. Voting is based on a point system of 0-5, numbers which are laid out vertically next to my film's thumbnail. 5 being the highest vote, and 0 being the lowest. Once your vote has been cast, it's final.

- Also, to leave a comment, navigate back to my film page. Click on Coments on bottom left of page, just above the film's thumbnail.

They've also featured an article on 'Feathers, "Lovely and Sweet Birds.. Love Your Feathers!", in their ANIMABLOG.TV section - so have a look at that too :))

Remember, sign in to vote on my film page.. Winners will be announced late October.. Please pass this on to anyone who likes watching cartoons.. Some of the films they've uploaded are impressive.. Best of luck to all the brave and talented film makers! And a big, warm thank you to everyone who'll view 'Feathers (for the n'th time, I know) and (hopefully) vote for it!



  1. Kaukab...Congratulations!! Wow...this is a wonderful news!! I know that your film will be liked by all and will do extremely well at the festival and I am definitely voting for u :) All the best!!

  2. Hey Kaukab......Congratulations!
    Actually you deserve kudos for your attempted spin job... The film is really very good.
    Good work. Kudos to you!

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for coments in my blog, I loved your work too!!!

  4. hi di....am Saba's frend Namita...congratualtions for the nomination...the film is a sweet one...great work by u!! have voted already!! I would also suggest you participate in the Mumbai International Film Festival...to be held from 3-9 Feb 2010... I read abt it today itself....there's a category for animation films and you may add in the application your film is participating in this Spanish festival..cud giv u an edge!!
    If possible please try... the link for the application given in the paper is:
    www.miffindia.in and www.filmsdivision.org

  5. Thanks, Saurav n Prats! I honestly didn't expect this of 'Feathers. Hey, I miss you guys, man..

    Ivan, thank you for liking my work. Yes, your work's truly amazing :)

    And Namita, thanks soooo much for voting!!! I probably won't win, but it's really not about winning for me, so I'm fine with how things are going :) I'll definitely check out the upcoming MIFF. 'Merci beaucoup' for letting me know about that - so sweet of you! Keep in touch, hun :)