Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Figure Drawing #1

Last week my 2nd innings at SVA started with a bang.. Figure drawing class, taught by Stephen Gaffney, was first on the list.. Stephen's an awesome artist, an excellent instructor, a really nice guy, and a former student of SVA.. I've never taken figure drawing before, so this is one class I eagerly look forward to all week.. Crucial, challenging, lots of fun, and extremely rewarding..

Here are some sketches from today's class, week #2.. The darker the pencil, the more I want to draw.. 6B on 18 x 24 paper.. Mix of 5 and 7 minute poses, working with 'passages'..

This actor / model was giving us interesting expressions from time to time..

Here are some from last Tuesday's class #1.. Not happy with these but I'm sharing them anyway..

Copyright 2009 Kaukab Basheer

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  1. Figure drawings are good.Keep it up.Follow the line of action and the highest stretch line.