Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Keeping Faith..

Last Saturday, my husband and I brought home our very first foster from Kitty Kind (a non-profit, feline rescue organization in NYC). For 2 reasons - to help a stray kitty in need of love, and to give our baby Sophie a temporary playmate..

This gorgeous, 7-8 month old Domestic Tabby - Maine Coon mix was brought in the very same time we showed up to collect our foster. She was found on a busy asphalt in Manhattan, filthy and hungry. Despite being older, and a lot larger than Sophie, and having gone through God only knew what, she appealed to me right away. We decided to give her a temp home. She was so new, she hadn't even been named yet by the rescuers. So they let me name her. And I named her Faith, which this lovely kitten has plenty of, I'm sure..

Faith was set up in our bathroom just 2 days before she wanted to be let out. I decided to carefully 'introduce' her to Sophie on day 3. At first, Sophie, the Top Cat, despised this intruder. However, every day, they seem to be growing more tolerant of one another - thank goodness..

Faith is a timid cat who let's Sophie get away with the hissing but not the tail grabbing. She usually prefers just ignoring her antics. Sophie's a playful kitten who may share her toys but not her yummy treats.. Both have a favorite.. Faith likes to be around Junaid, while Sophie loves me :)

Things have been anything but dull around the house.. The young cats can be left unsupervised, but not for long periods - they aren't 'friends' yet. The funny thing is, their personalities are poles apart, just like their beautiful coats.. One's a bicolored cow, the other's a tiger with lovely, dark swirls on her sides.. Faith's a nibbler, eats slow, while Sophie eats like there's no tommorow.. Sophie's the outgoing, openly affectionate, spunky, and noisy kitten.. Faith is the calm, quiet, sober one.. We just want them to become pals asap.. C'mon girls, make it work..

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