Friday, November 20, 2009

Human Torso

Worked with 2 color pencils and 3B graphite on 3 ply, 500 Strathmore vellum, sized 23" x 29", for a study done from life. The final piece took about 16 hours for coloring and touch-ups..

Below is the final rough study drawing, followed by the tracing used to transfer the sketch onto the final paper.. Man, these photos came out crappy.. The colors in the final piece are better than what you see here.. Gotta get myself a new camera..


  1. Interesting that you used transfer paper I didn't know. I thought you worked directly off your first sketch.

  2. It's a skeletion master-piece!!! Great Job!

  3. Thanks, J :)

    Yes, Robert, I did work directly off my first sketch: the tracing paper drawing is taken from my original final rough drawing. This I 'printed manually' onto the final paper. Then, I rendered it by referring to my original rough for details.