Thursday, December 31, 2009

Designing Layouts

Some pieces I came up with for the fall Layout & Design class. Liked it so much, I'll be taking the brand-new advance class the coming spring. Worked with color pencils, markers, black pen, and used very few photographic references..

Color exteriors - different times of day:

Monochromatic exteriors - different times of day:

Interiors - high and low views of a room:

Copyright 2009 by Kaukab Basheer


  1. kaukab, these are beautiful, i envy you so much.
    don has allowed me to sit in to some of his classes on friday. i hope to see you guys!

  2. Thanx, Ivey :) Looking forward to having you sit in on Fridays. This week's assignment for Don is especially challenging.. See you there!

  3. great work...jason