Sunday, July 19, 2009

AMNH Session 4

Visited the museum with a friend who's interested in learning how to draw and watching me sketch.. My hubby came along, so it was nice.. Wasn't a productive day.. Fun, yes.. Drawing, nah..

Copyright 2009 Kaukab Basheer

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Designing My Card

Been designing a business card for myself.. About time too.. The one from my previous employer is invalid and outdated.. So, I put together a few simple options, and finalized this one for printing:

Here are some more samples..

Monday, July 13, 2009

Six Froggies

One of those sudden just-for-myself projects.. Was up 2 nights ago, feverishly scribbling away.. Before I knew it, I'd come up with these 6 guys.. Now, I'm brainstorming a story - something that could work for either a 3D or 2D film or a cartoon television series.. Something I'd work on in the future - perhaps, when I have my own studio, hehe.. I don't know :) Haven't decided on a title or even the names of the characters.. Based the designs on personalities, and the role they'd be playing.. Here they are..

The Main One

The Sweet One
The L'il One
(Based her on my 5 year old niece)

The Wise, Old One

The Crazy One
(He's like a silly dog, not much of a frog) The Mean One Character Line UpCopyright 2009 Kaukab Basheer

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Degas Animatic

Finally turned my Edgar Degas storyboard into an animatic.. Took way longer than expected.. All because I don't have a sound library to work with at home.. For the characters, used whatever basic audio files I could find.. Really should create a proper library for myself, and just stop with the stupid procrastinations.. Or have someone do it for me.. Hehe..

Went with one of my favorite composers for the background score.. One of the most celebrated and highly skilled musicians of his time (19th century).. The Italian violinist, violist, guitarist, and composer, Niccolo Paganini : "I am not handsome, but when women hear me play, they come crawling to my feet." Yup, un vero genio.. Like Monsieur Degas..

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cartoon Wedding Bells in Kothamangalam!

A cartoon for my husband's work buddy, Eldhose, who's tying the knot next week :) Eldhose liked the invitation I'd made for my wedding back in 2007, a cartoon of my hubby and me.. So he requested me to draw him a little something.. Since both he and his beautiful fiancee, Ancy, hail from Kerala, and the wedding's taking place in Kothamangalam (Kerala), I decided to include a serene Keralite backdrop in my illustration.. Took about two days.. Pen and color pencils...