Tuesday, August 25, 2009

'Feathers on ANIMACAM.TV Festival 2009

I was recently approached by a Spain-based animation website to participate in their ongoing ANIMACAM.TV International Online Animation Festival 2009!! They came across my student film, loved it, and wanted to feature it on their panel of films this year.. I had no idea 'Feathers would make its way to a nomination over seas - pleasant surprise!

Love Your Feathers, will be representing my native country, India, as well as the art college I'm currently attending, School of Visual Arts (SVA) in this festival.. It's listed in the Watch Videos, under Official Section, and is categorized in the SHORT FILM category. Below are the directions on where and how to view and vote for my film:

- This is where you need to be: http://www.animacam.tv

- Click on Watch Videos from the list displayed on left of page. You'll be directed to Official Section/Last Videos page. Scroll down and click on my film's thumbnail to view.

- To vote, click on Official Section tab on top of page. You'll be taken to the Official Section/Presentation page. Click on Vote on left of page.

- You'll be directed to Official Section/Vote page. Register as a Visitor to vote. Voting starts September 1st. Deadline for voting is October 19th.

- Go back to my film page to cast your vote. Voting is based on a point system of 0-5, numbers which are laid out vertically next to my film's thumbnail. 5 being the highest vote, and 0 being the lowest. Once your vote has been cast, it's final.

- Also, to leave a comment, navigate back to my film page. Click on Coments on bottom left of page, just above the film's thumbnail.

They've also featured an article on 'Feathers, "Lovely and Sweet Birds.. Love Your Feathers!", in their ANIMABLOG.TV section - so have a look at that too :))

Remember, sign in to vote on my film page.. Winners will be announced late October.. Please pass this on to anyone who likes watching cartoons.. Some of the films they've uploaded are impressive.. Best of luck to all the brave and talented film makers! And a big, warm thank you to everyone who'll view 'Feathers (for the n'th time, I know) and (hopefully) vote for it!


Friday, August 21, 2009

A Month of Sophie

Here's the reason I haven't been been blogging or drawing much these days.. Sophie, the newest (and cutest) member of our family, has been keeping me well occupied.. See for yourself :)

A month ago, we rescued this 6 week old, cool patterned (black n white, bi-colored), Domestic Shorthair off the street.. We'd just finished dinner, when I heard faint cries coming from below our kitchen window (we live on the 2nd floor).. I went outside and found a kitten, scared, shivering, and hungry, only a few feet from the busy road, sitting in a crummy alley at the corner of our building, crying her pretty little head off...

Don't know if she'd simply wandered off and as a result gotten separated from her mother.. Or she was abandoned altogether.. Wasn't even sure at the time how old she was - she was so tiny.. One thing I did know - this kitten was a fighter :)

We weren't prepared for a pet, mentally nor financially.. But we were so taken by Sophie's endearing personality and cuteness, we decided to keep her.. Junaid named her Sophie.. Initially I was afraid for Sophie's health (respiratory problems and other diseases), but the vet reassured us she was absolutely fine.. We even decided on a birthday for her.. June 2nd :)

Sophie got accustomed to us and our home in no time.. She even takes the train commute well (her vet's located 2 station stops away and I don't drive).. It's been only a month since we took her in but Sophie's already bossing us around in style :) Very active, naughty, feisty, stubborn, free-spirited, super-cuddly, and very, very affectionate - Sophie's a great package.. Glad I found her when I did..

However, she does tend to get aggressive (biting), usually when she's in the playing mode.. Probably a result of having lost the company of her mother and siblings at such a young age.. Sophie likes to wrestle with us despite the toys we've given her and our firm 'no's.. Yeah, she enjoys tearing our hands and feet to pieces, and ambushing us for the heck of it, specially when we stir in our sleep.. So, I've been busy disciplining the li'l devil.. Getting her to understand what's ok and what's not.. I think she'll out grow the biting but I still want to do everything on my part to make sure it doesn't become a serious problem.. Hard work but we'll get there..

She loves watching tv with me.. Ok, so she doesn't really 'watch' tv - it's the flickering images on the screen that look good to her.. Cartoons and a few shows on Animal Planet seem to be her thing.. Good 'ol 'Tom and Jerry' tops the list (not surprising).. How adorable is that..!!

She also loves to watch me work.. As you can see below, Sophie was 'actively involved' through out the making of her cartoon character.. Supervising my every move.. Hope she likes how it turned out.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Feels Like Forever :)

Wow, I've been gone for almost a month?! Sorry.. Been kinda busy with things and plain 'ol slacking..!! Well, I just celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary yesterday, Aug 16th :) The entire weekend was a sweet celebration.. Feels longer than 2 years.. Like I've been with Junaid all my life.. Like, forever :)

Here's one of our wedding invitations.. I'd wanted to animate our cartoons initially but ended up doing an illustration of Junaid and myself instead.. I simply didn't have the time to jazz up our casual inivite.. Insane production deadlines at work, my fast approaching resignation 'coz I was moving away after tying the knot, the pre-wedding-madness, my pre-bridal-marathons, the torrent of emotions.. Oh, did I mention, my freakin' wisdom tooth..?!! The blasted thing couldn't have picked a better time to become permanently, excruciatingly painful! Aaah, memories.. So, back then, this little card had to do.. And it did just fine :)