Sunday, February 7, 2010

What I'm Having Fun With..

I'm currently working on a 90 second short film which is due sometime this April.. I'm pleased with the story.. My cats and their odd intricacies were the inspiration behind it.. Here are the character designs of the talented Stefan and his equally talented cat, Peeku.. The final film will definitely be tighter in timing and cuts; I'm not thrilled with this rough animatic here...

Hope I finish it on time.. More importantly, hope it comes out the way I "see it".. BTW, for some reason, I haven't been able to decide on a title for my film.. Any suggestions are most welcome - and the chosen title will be credited :)
Copyright 2010 by Kaukab Basheer


  1. I love the cats you draw!! am excited to see this one. :D

  2. Love it! Great designs too!

  3. Love the characters of your short; especially the painter. I think it's a great story and it is composed well for its duration. Can't wait to see the final movie!!!

  4. Nice story! What about "The talented Mr Peeku"? WOW, 90 seconds. I started studying animation last October and I draw short animations 1 or 2 seconds each and it takes me a lot of time sometimes lol. Can't imagine drawing for a 90 second short film. Tons of papers and a lifetime in my case :) Congratulations!!!!!

  5. Thank you, everybody.. Junaid, you obviously will be the 1st to see the finished thing :)

    Yes, Nat.. Animated stories do take a lot of time, sweat, late nights, pencils n paper, don't they.. All worth in the end though.. And best of luck with your anim projects!