Monday, March 15, 2010

Society Red

Chose to design the character Red from On the Yard by Malcolm Braly. This was for Don Poynter's new Advance Comp class - which, btw, is going really well..

"... Red was slightly over six feet, bone-thin, and awkwardly made. His face was so densely freckled it appeared rusty and gave his features a raw humorous aspect. His eyes were yellow like a goat's, but the vivid orange hair that had prompted some forgotten humorist to call him Society Red had long since faded and thinned away to a clown's half-bald ruff. He had been jailing for thirty of his forty-five years and was now a five-time loser. Still he didn't consider himself a failure, simply because it never occured to him he could be confined in any such square john term..."

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