Thursday, February 3, 2011

Being Badgered

Badgered from Kaukab Basheer on Vimeo.

Rough animatic.. A scenario based on one of Mike Nichols's & Elaine May's 1960s radio skits, "A Little More Gauze"... A deliciously funny track.. Had to edit the dialogue to fit my visuals.. Turned 'Edith' into a rabbit, and 'Harris' into a badger.. Background track, the folk classic, "Jesse James"..

The awesomely-talented improv duo, Nichols & May..

Listen to "A Little More Gauze" here...


  1. hi,, myself hrishikesh, m a pre-production artist,,.. checked all ur works,,.. its too good,,. liked it,,. specially the tribute to old bollywood,, loved the characters,. :) this is the link to my blog,,, pls check it when u get time,,. THNKS.

  2. Kaukab love your paintings and drawings, your character´s just burst with life, but that´s nothing new you are always showing great work! Can´t wait to see Being Badgered when animated

  3. Daaaang Kaukab! You're even more talented than I thought! Love the work, keep it coming