Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HONEY Needs a Forever Home!

My husband and I recently rescued a beautiful, abandoned, blue-cream house cat from our building's rotting cellar. This cellar is no longer in use, and packed with leaky boilers, damp flooring, loose nails, and sharp objects. Not to mention germs, bugs, rat poison, and rotting bags. Anyway, we have no idea how long this cat had been down there (my guess is 4-5 days) - but she was only too happy to be rescued, let me tell you. We probed about and learnt she conveniently belonged to nobody. She is NOT feral, is approximately 4 years of age, and has been declawed. She is negative for FeLV / FIV. Her origins are unknown to us - but that doesn't mean she can't have a safe, bright and happy future.

We groomed, bathed, fed Honey (that's what we've named her), and found her a temporary place to rest. To keep her entertained, we donated some of Sophie's and Faith's toys. But Honey needs a furrever home, and is on the look out for responsible folks who will shower her will love and care. Despite everything she was put through, this brave kitty is extremely friendly, trusting, fat, and totally cuddly! We are working on taking her to a vet for a check up, and have reached out to organizations to help us out along the way. It's all so time-consuming..

So, anyone reading this, and looking to own a loving, indoor kitty - Honey's the one for you!! Her adoption page can be found HERE!

"Meow.. I'll make a great kitty for you and your family, I promise..
Please, ADOPT me now..!"

(For more information, please write to: kaukab_basheer_j@yahoo.com)

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