Sunday, August 7, 2011

We Rescued Cleo!

This was a truly rewarding weekend. When you're out managing or rescuing unwanted cats, you usually don't get a best-case scenario - especially right away - but WE did! Within a span of a day, my husband and I managed to grab our most lovable and friendliest young stray, Cleo, and got her in to an establishment that will pamper her, and find her a loving new home...

The scary thing is, this fawn colored tabby had gone missing for a few weeks. I feared the worst had happened. When she finally returned, we decided we'll catch her and get her indoors, ASAP. Abandoned at a very tiny age, Cleo belongs to the stray and feral cat colony we manage where we live. This 6-8 month old cutie-pie is sweet, gentle, and very engaging. She loves being around people, and hasn't a single mean bone (or whisker) in her body. No hissing fits, no mood swings, no nippiness, no scratching spells - nothing. Cleo has a stellar personality and stunning looks to match, so we're sure she'll get adopted in a heart beat :-) She probably would like to be an ONLY cat in a household.

Feels great to know that our Cleo is sleeping soundly in the comfort and safety of loved ones, well fed, and in the clean vicinity of other needy kitties, thanks to our superb friends, Carolyn, Marcia, and Kandi at the Secaucus branch PetSmart cat nook (representing Hudson County Humane Society, Liberty Humane Society, Closter Animal Welfare Society (CLAWS), and Animal Life Savers). These ladies are all awesome...

Cleo's favorite napping and comfort spot - people's FEET..!!

Cutie Cleo's informal adoption page:

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