Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lilli, We Love You...

My husband and I lost one of our young stray kitties today. Lilliput - aka Lilli - was run over flat by a car earlier on today, after very likely being chased by a rowdy neighborhood tom cat, who's owners REFUSE to have him neutered. Now one of our beloved street-babies is gone. Lilli was a highly curious and feisty girl, always the FIRST to run to us for food. She was particularly close to my husband. Poor thing.

The two of us are members of organizations Companion Animal Trust and Neighborhood Cats. Incidentally, "Picture Purrfect" was a hit with Companion Animal Trust, so they've decided to display it on their face book page. My husband and I are working towards resolving the feral cat crisis in our Jersey City neighborhood. Despite the lack of trust, support, and cooperation we receive from most of our neighbors, we hope to accomplish our goal through a safe and humane method known as, Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR).

If you're interested in addressing a feral or stray cat problem in your area, and wish to reduce the number of multiplying kitties or hate to see them being put down - then TNR is the ONLY way to go.. It's work, but it's extremely successful. The ONLY effective way to ensure that feral cats don't multiply out of control, and can coexist with humans in harmony.

We've had some major set backs thanks to some people in our neighborhood. It's been an incredibly hard road so far, even though my husband and I have been SO VERY patient and informative. I won't go in to the ugly details, but we've lost 7 of our cats out of the 10 we were successfully managing.. We won't give up on the remaining strays that come to us still.. Lilli will be a constant reminder that EVERY DAY for these cats is a struggle for survival on the city-streets.

At least TWO of the young adult strays we feed are very social - they come to us and let us pet them. One is a male stray, who we call Rango. The other an abandoned house kitty, a female I've named Fifi. I know I can find them homes. They are very good cats...

Here's our feral colony. We are working on trapping, neutering, vaccinating, and returning / releasing OR finding them homes... Precious Lilli is in the photos here.