Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cheeto the Kitten

I rescued 8-10 week old Cheeto - or rather, he 'found' me - more than a month ago, on my way home from school one afternoon. Junaid and I have been fostering him since. He's a terrific little boy. Friendly, affectionate, energetic, extroverted, fearless, and Mr. Personality. My friend Deborah and her sister, a Bengal enthusiast, insist Cheeto is no ordinary cat, but a high-grade Bengal mix.. So cool...

Faith didn't take long to "accept" wild Cheeto.. (Thank you, Faith-unu, you've been great.) However, she quickly figured out that he doesn't scare easily, is a handful, ALSO loves to hog the toys, and is ALWAYS up for a rough play session. Well, good for them.

Sophie's not too thrilled about the new addition though. Poor girl. I keep dumping new rescues on her. But in Cheeto's case, it was tricky. With no foster home available at the time, we just had to take him in. At least Sophie no longer has Faith hounding her all the time to play with her..

No matter how hard Cheeto tries to befriend her, Sophie wants NOTHING to do with him - but that doesn't deter him from trying again and again. She avoids him as much as possible, which is hard when you are living in a small one-bedroom apartment. Hope she eventually gives in and goes easy on the little guy. Will be less stressful on her, too. But that's our Sophie - a bit of a loner, a one-person (exclusively MY) kitty.. A straight-forward cat that doesn't take kindly to changes, strangers, sudden bursts of excitement, and surprises (like Cheeto)...

"Whuzzaaap! Check out my awesome belly-spots..!!"